Welcome to the 6th day of our Sauda Trip

Plan for this day is drive up the mountains and view some dams.

Planned trip for today

Today we drove towards Sand and stopped by an old mill that was by the road. Then drive up teh mountain towards the dam. Then from there down to J√łsing fjord and then home. Sadly we didn’t manage the trip, more info lower down.

Random Stop

While driving we stopped by an area to stretch out and let the dogs out. Grand daughter found a frog that wasn’t to happy with her ūüėČ


Second stop is an old mill and waterfall. Found it by the side of the road. Does not look as well taken care as the others we have seen but still worth the stop.

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Drive to the dams.

We had a nice drive up and had a few nice stops but we didn’t get to the dams. The road was covered in snow and since i had summer tires on I didn’t want to take a chance ūüôĀ¬†


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Oddatj√łrns dammen
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After looking at the log on the photos we see that we was under 2 km from the first dam, that was sad. Could have walked up but there was miserable weather that day, so we drove back. 

Another issue we had was that they was doing road work on the road towards J√łsingfjorden so we had to go back the route we came from. As a compensation we drove via Jelsa on the way back.


Next and last stop was Jelsa, a nice village by the fjord. Stopped by teh church and got some shots.

After this stop we drove back to the camping place, relaxed and got ready for a new day.

End of our 6th day ūüôā

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