Welcome to the 4th day of our 2018 Spring Trip

Today we will be just chilling in Las Vegas.


 Got up after a nice long sleep…..

Today is our chill day….

Just going to wander around in Las Vegas.

Decided to go down Fremont and find a place to eat some brunch 

Chose the White Castle as I had never tried it before.

And had been told they was the bomb.

Wasn’t to impressed over them.

Was ok, would eat again if there was no other options. 

After that we walked back to the hotel.

Bus tour through Las Vegas,

Since we  were only here for one day, we decided to give the bus tour a try. So we could take a quick look around the town.

Started good, only got a couple blocks down and we decided to get of the bus and go to an outlet mall, as I was in need of new sandals. 

Didn’t find what I wanted but ended up getting a pair of new walking shoes. 

Then we decided we needed some stuff for tonight and ended up spending an extra couple of hours there. 

Finally got back on the bus, we got to see the first route and had to change bus to get on the other route. 

Got halfway through it,the bus driver decided to take a break. 

So we had to get of the bus and wait for the next one. We waited and waited and then decided we didnt have time for it and took a taxi back to the hotel. 

When we got back to the hotel we got cleaned up, ready for the evening.

Went down to the lobby and we had a limo waiting for us to………….

We got hitched in Vegas

🙂 Yeah, we got hitched in Vegas 🙂

Got it done at the Lucky Little Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. 

Had the ceremony at their place, took some pictures, got a limo ride around the strip with more pictures taken and then back to the chapel to finish of.

Then we went back to the Golden Nugget, had a yummy dinner at a restaurant in the hotel. 

Then went to our room and crashed.

End of day 4 🙂

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