Welcome to the 5th day of our Sauda Trip

Plan for this day is have to visit some local places.

Planned trip for today

Today we drove back to Jonegarden and had a walk around there before we drove back to the camping place for lunch. 

Then drove back up the potholes and on our way stopped at the Høllandsfossen and bridge. 

After the potholes we went back to the camping place and relaxed. .

Jonegarden and Kvednafossen

First stop is an old farm and waterfall. Have split it up in to 4 as there was 4 different sections. One for the farm and one for the waterfall. The other two is for a walk further past the waterfall into a marsh area which was very nice. Last section is for some sheep 🙂

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Waterfall milling area was very nice. They was working on getting some areas cleared out because the trees was becoming a risk of damaging the buildings and was why there are some chopped down trees in the pictures..

There are several walks in the area that would be worth trying if you want to spend a day there. Sadly not on our plan today but we did get to take a short walk out to a marsh area which was very nice.

On our way out we met a flock of sheep who wanted to greet us, it was fun until they started chewing on our clothes.

Høllandsfossen and Bridge

Had a short stop here and got some pictures of the waterfall and the bridge


Hølland bro
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Potholes in Åbødalen

Next and last stop was the potholes in Åbødalen. Beautiful up there, we hiked up along the waterfall for a couple hours, was quite steep so it took us some time. View from there is amazing.

After this stop we drove back to the camping place, relaxed and got ready for a new day.

End of our 5th day 🙂

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