Places2Explore is our travel companion, here we log the places we want to go to and also all the places we recomend.


Information on places. The location, accessibility & condition. Reviews from people who have visited them.
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Community page where you can post about the site or post about locations that should be added or updated. Or just post random stuff for fun :)
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Blogs from our personal travels with links to the places we visited.
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Links to other travelers sites and to resource sites where we have found some of the information to create the places.
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Latest Journal Posts

Sandnessjøen 2021/08 – Mosjøen
Pictures from our 2nd excursion while in Sandnessjøen drive to Mosjøen.
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Sandnessjøen 2021/08- Island Hopping
Pictures from our 1st excursion while in Sandnessjøen, drive out to the islands.
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Road Trip South 2020 – Day 3
Plan for this day is drive to Lindesnes and visit the lighthouse and then back.
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Road Trip South 2020 – Day 2
Plan for this day is drive to Jøssingfjord, then Hauge and back via Moi.
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Road Trip South 2020 – Day 1
Plan for this day is to drive to Flekkefjord and get set up for the trip.
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Sauda Trip 2020 – Day 8
Plan for this day is to drive to walk among some abandoned roads and then head home,
Read More "Sauda Trip 2020 – Day 8"
Sauda Trip 2020 – Day 6
Plan for this day is to drive up to the mountains and view some dams.
Read More "Sauda Trip 2020 – Day 6"


The places are split up into 6 different sections. Each of these have sub sections that are a bit more specific. There will be places that borderline on the different areas. I will be expanding these sections as they grow. All suggestions on improvement are welcome. Feel free to post them in the forums.

Abandonded Places

Places that have been abandoned and no longer in use that are worth a visit. Here you will find ruins, ghost towns, abandoned asylums, amusement parks.

Historic Spots

Places that have a historical value that is worth visiting. Anything from bridges to dams to hotels to churches and cemeteries.

Natural Landmarks

Natural made landmarks and places. Forest and national parks, cave, caverns and wildlife habitats.


This is for all the weird stuff out there. Roadside attractions, film locations, curio shops and random rest stops.

Parks and Centers

Here you can find the man made parks and centers. Museums, centers, amusement parks.

Eating places

Here is a collection of out of the ordinary places to eat. Will not find any mainstream places here, more the ma and pa places that are worth checking out.