Welcome to the 3rd day of our 2018 Spring Trip

Today we will be checking out some local places in Tonopah, then drive down the extraterrestial highway and end up back in Las Vegas. 

Our planned trip for today

Mizpah Hotel

 Woke up after a good nights sleep, the Mizpah hotel is a very elegant historical hotel. 

Hopefully next time we will get the Lady iin Red suite.  

We packed our stuff, went down for some breakfast at the hotel and then checked out to look around in the town

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Tonopah, Nevada

Tonopah is a cute town, could easily have a spent a day or two here. 


Old Tonopah Cemetery, Nevada

First on the agenda is their cemetery. 

It is right next to the clown hotel, you basically have to park in their parking lot to get to it. 

It is one of the most well kept cemeteries we have seen. 

Found out that one of the tasks for community service is to keep it clean and they have done a very good job. 

Another note, every halloween the kids come down and chose a grave, researched about the person, then dressed up as them and reanacted how they died. 

All this information, we recieved from the lady in the clown hotel.

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Clown Motel, Nevada

Clown Hotel is very cool. 

We walked in and asked kindly if we could look around and lady there said yes, we could look as much as we want. 

She gave us the key to their suite, so we could check that out. 

Also gave us alot of good info about the hotel and the cemetery next door.

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Leaving Tonopah, Nevada

Warm Springs, Nevada

We stopped here out of curiosity and found out that the springs was actually very warm. 

What we didn’t realize is that there is a public pool there as well. 

Had we known we would’ve stayed a bit longer.

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Little Ale' inn, Rachel, Nevada

Stopped by the Little Ale’Inn to get some grub and some goodies. 

This place was used in the film “Paul” and we ended up sitting in the same spot as they did. 

I had an Alien burger, which was quite good. 

My honey had herself a shot of Alien Tequila.

Joshua trees in Tikaboo Valley, Nevada

Had a short stop here to stretch out and admire the Joshua Trees

Alien Research Center, Nevada

Another stop to get some goodies

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E-T Fresh Jerky

And then we needed some jerky

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Leaving Area 51 and entering Las Vegas

Arrived at the Golden Nugget and got our room up in the Carson Tower. 

Relaxed a bit before we started our eveing adventures. 

Went down to look around in the hotel. 

Had planned to go in the pool and try their slide through the shark tank but it was packed.

Shark Tank Water Slide
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After passing the pool we had a walk through the casino and decided to stop by the Red Sushi. 

Had a roll of sushi there and my honey tried their saki. After that we went outside to get some errands done. 

Then headed in to the Fremont area. 

Was considering taking the Zipline but wanted to wait until tomorrow and doing it when it was less crowded.  

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We walked down to the Container Park, which is a nice little hideaway from the Las Vegas chaos. 

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After we was in the Container Park we wandered back to towards the Golden Nugget and tried out one of the slot machines, ended up just going slightly on the negative, end balance was $1.20. 

Then it was off to bed and get ready for another day in Las Vegas.

End of day 3 🙂

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