Trip to Farsund/Lista Part 2

Plan for today was too drive through Vanse. Then drive out to the Varnes fort and Varnes Lighthouse.

Planned trip for today


First part of the trip was through Vanse, interesting small town with alot of inspiration from the USA.

Also found out they had an American festival later in the year.

Varnes Fort

Varnes Fort is a bit hidden away, you have to drive through som side roads to get to it.  

Shots taken on the walk to the Varnes Fort

Shots at the Varnes Fort

Varnes Lighthouse


To get to the lighthouse i had to go back to the side road and take another route to get to it. 

Was starting to get late, so debated if it was worth it and decided to take the chance.

Was a rush to get there and was well worth it.

Varnes fyrstasjon
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Dinner at Vanse

 Shots from inside the hotel

End of trip and returned home 🙂

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