Welcome to the 4th day of our Sauda Trip

Plan for this day is have a day trip to Sand.

Planned trip for today

Today we drive to Sand, another city in the area. On the way we will be stopping by some stops along the road to view and take pictures.

Ås Bridge

First stop is an old stone bridge. Looks as though there is some road work going on there, hopefully next time it will look better.

Ås bro
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Next stop was the “Waiting room”, designer built waiting room on the ferry quay, it was cool.


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Next a designer rest area by the road, was cool as well. Has a nice view over to the fjord and the bridge. Well worth a stop. 

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Dream cabin on the island

Before we moved back to Norway in 2018, we saw a cabin for sale that looked awesome. It is one of the most pictured islands in Norway. As you will see on the pictures it is beautiful. Down side is that if you look the other way, you will a small industrial area which ruins the view quite a bit but it is still awesome. And at this moment it is still for sale.


Arrived in Sand and had a look at their waterfall, not large but still worth a look. Then went over to the Salmon Studio.

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Salmon Studio

The Salmon Studio was interesting we got a guide that explained to us what is was all about and then we got to go down and look at the Salmon that was in the windowed area waiting to go up stream. 

Salmon Studio
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Høsebrua bridge

The Høsebrua was just up the road from the Salmon studio, we went up and had a look.

Høsebrua bridge
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After that we drove in to town and looked around, grand-kid got herself some lunch and then we started driving back towards the camping area.

Bridge without a name

While driving back we stopped by another old stone bridge. At this moment Idon’t habve any info on it, so will have to do some research 🙂

After this stop we drove back to the camping place, relaxed and got ready for a new day.

End of our 4th day 🙂

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