Welcome to the 3rd day of our Sauda Trip

Plan for this day is drive up the old road from Sauda to Røldal and back.

Planned trip for today

Today we get on the old road towards Røldal. 

First stop will be the Zinc mines in Allmannajuvet. 

Then cross the mountain on the old road and in to Røldal. There we will visit the church. 

Then head south on RV 13 back to Sauda with a couple stops along the way.


Pictures taken on the first stage of our trip up until the 1st stop.

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Up to Svartevatnet

After Allmannajuvet we continued up the old road and had a few stops on the way up. 

Stopped by a marker at the top and then at the Svartevatn Dam. 



In Røldal we stopped by the church and had a tour of the inside. 

Was very nice and well taken care of. 

After that we stopped by a tourist place got some more info and continued south.

Røldal Stave Church
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Random Stop

After leaving Røldal we had a couple stops along the road. Here are some of the pictures taken. 

Lunch Stop

Started to get hungry and found a perfect place to have lunch, right next to a river and a waterfall. Was very nice.

Nesflaten Power Station

Had a detour in here to look at the power station and admire its futuristic design.


Stopped at Kolbeinstveit an old farm. Sadly they was not open due to Covid. So we only got too see the outsides but was still worth the stop. 

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Across the main road was the mill part of the farm.


Last stop of the day was Litunet, an old farmstead up in the mountain. 

Was very nice with an awesome view.

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After this stop we drove back to the camping place, relaxed and got ready for a new day.

End of trip 🙂

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