Day Trip to Fjøløy & Mosterøy

Our second road trip during the Easter of 2020. This time we went out to the islands. 

Planned trip for today

Rock Carvings at Austre Åmøy

First stop was at Åmøy to view some petroglyphs.

Fjøløy Lighthouse.

Second stop was at Fjøløy. Here we got to visit the lighthouse and a military fort from WW2. 

Fjøløy fyrstasjon
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Category: Lighthouses

Fjøløy Fort

Very cool location. Has an awesome view up on the top. 

As you will see on the videos it was very windy that day.

Utstein Kloster

After Fjøløy we drove over to see the Monastery on Mosterøy, Utstein Kloster.

Only got to see the outside so will need to come back.

Utstein Monastary
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Tungenes Fyr & Bragen

After the Monastery we went over to the Tungenes Fyr and got some nice pictures, also got some of Bragen.

Tungenes fyr
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Category: Lighthouses
5.0 (1)
Category: Lighthouses

End of trip 🙂

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