Welcome to the 8th day of our 2018 Spring Trip

Today we travel along the north side of the Grand Canyon towards Las Vegas..

Planned trip for today

Page, Arizona

Comfort Inn was very comforting, had a good night sleep.

Got up and enjoyed a nice breakfast, then packed our stuff and got ready.

First optional stop was the Antelope Canyon but we didn’t get up early enough for that.

So will have to do that another time

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona

Glen Canyon is quite cool.

 We didn’t go on any tours, just got some pictures taken in the area and then went down to another viewing area a bit further down. 

Took some more pictures and then drove towards Horse Shoe Bend.

Horse Shoe Bend

Finally, been wanting to see this for some time. Was a decent hike down to the viewing area. Going down was ok but was a bit harder getting back up.

Make sure to take with you some water and have a hat or some good sunscreen.

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Got down there and the viewing area was quite crowded, almost had to wait in line to get to the edge. Sadly for me i didn’t dare go all the way to the edge and because of that i didn’t get a chance to take some full pictures. Luckily my honey did and she took some with my camera. But was still a bit disappointing that i didn’t get to play with the camera there. Hopefully next time they will have the new viewing area ready. 

Driving thru Bitter Springs and into Vermillion Cliffs

Collection of pictures taken while driving through Bitter Springs and towards the Vermillion Cliffs

Historic Navajo Bridge

Stopped here and took a walk across the bridge.

Got some pictures and moved on to the next stop.

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Driving through Vermillion Cliffs

Collection of pictures taken while driving in through the Vermillion Cliffs

Cliff Dwellers Lodge

The Cliff Dwellers lodge was very cool.

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Lunch at Cliff Dwellers Restaurant

Stopped at the Cliff Dwellers Restaurant to get some lunch. I ordered my usual Cheeseburger and she had a BLT. 

While browsing the menu we saw they had Avocado Pie. Asked them what it is like. Never tried before, so we gave it a go, got a half size as we were already full. It was YUMMY. We was cheaky enough to ask for the recipe and waitress said yeah sure and gave to us. 

The food and the service there was fabulous. 

Drive up to and through Jakobs Lake

After the yummy lunch we cruised down 89A and drove past the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument and stopped just up the hill from it, to get a panoramic view.before we started up the mountain towards Jakobs lake.

Arrived at Jakobs Lake and we found SNOW, yay. We got too busy playing in it, that we forgot to take pictures of it. 

After that we went in to the Jakob Lake Inn there . Used the rest rooms and got some more souvenirs before we headed out again. 

Next stop was at the Le Fevre Overlook and Rest Area. Had a beautiful panoramic view from there. 

Then we started going back down hill towards Fredonia, where we would take of from 89A and head out on AZ389

UFO Docking and Teleportation Center

Had a short stop here to take some pictures of the Docking center.

Driving thru 3 states

After the Docking center we drove in to Colorado City and went past the Utah border and started driving towards Hurricane, Utah. 

We had one stop there but sadly they was closed when we passed by.

So we continued towards St George, Utah. After that we came back in to Arizona and stayed in there for a while, until just before arriving in  Mesquite we entered Nevada. 

 Stopped at the Holiday Inn.

Checked in and finally for the first time on our trip we got time to go for a swim, best thing was that they had 2 pools and one of them was not used by anyone, so we got it all for our selves 🙂

After the swim, we went out to get some italian at Cucina Italiana but they had decided to not take in any more guests, even though it was not even 8pm. Instead we ended going for some good Mexican food at Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant.

Then we went back to the hotel to get some good sleep.

End of day 8 🙂

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