Welcome to the 7th day of our 2018 Spring Trip

Today we visit Bedrock City, then view the Grand Canyon before we end up in Page, Arizona.

Planned trip for today

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel.

We enjoyed our time in Williams but we have 2 big places to go to today.

So will have to spend some more time in Williams another time.

We packed our stuff and headed towards Bedrock City.

Bedrock City

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Bedrock City
Welcome in 🙂

Entering Grand Canyon

We decided to just have a short visit here and just stop by the view points along the road. 

Glad we did as it was packed with people trying to get in to the main area.

Would’ve spent to much time trying to get in and out of there. 

Next time we plan on taking the train from Williams up to here and spend more time at the canyon. 


We stopped at the following places, Pipe Creek Vista, Yaki Point , Duck on a Rock, Grandview Point, Moran Point, Lipan Point, Navajo Point. 

It was awesome at all those places. 

Pictures don’t justify how awesome it looks in real life.

Desert View Watch Tower in Grand Canyon

Final stop in the Grand Canyon is Desert View Watchtower. 

The tower looks awesome and on the inside there is a bunch of cool indian paintings. 

We climbed up to the top and the view is just amazing. 

Was a bit crowded on the way down but not too bad. 

After we got the pictures we wanted, we went over to the snack bar and got a late lunch along with some souvenirs offcourse.

Leaving Grand Canyon, heading to Page, Arizona

After we left the Grand Canyon we stopped at an Indian traders booth for a bit and picked up some hand made Navajo items

After that we drove on up to Page. We had planned to stop by the Cameron Trading post but passed it this time as we would’ve risked spending too much time there.

Arrived at the hotel just after it got dark and was considering taking a dip in their pool but it was packed like the others. So instead decided to go downtown to get some dinner, first recomended stop was a mexican restaurant but they had an hour wait. Then we  tried a steak restaurant, they had 45 minute wait, then we walked over to a Sushi place, no wait yay. Enjoyed the meal and then headed back to hotel to get some sleep.

End of day 7 🙂

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