Trip to Bømlo

Drove up to Stord to do some work, got time one afternoon to do a short road trip.

Below you will see the places i stopped at. 

Planned trip for today

Bømlo Gamle Kirke

Bømlo gamle kyrkje
4.0 (1)
Category: Churches

Lykling Gold Mines

Hiskosen Fyr

Hiskosen Fyrlykt
3.0 (1)
Category: Lighthouses

Bømlo Telemuseet

Kulleseid Telegraph station
4.0 (1)
Category: Museums

Moster Gamle Kirke

Moster Church
5.0 (1)
Category: Churches

Mosterhamn Fyr

Mosterhamn fyrstasjon
3.0 (1)
Category: Lighthouses

Mosterhamn Park


Sunrise shots taken on November 5th 2019 on my way to work, was very beautiful.

End of trip 🙂

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