Trip to Melsheia

March 17th 2019

Scouts Cabin at Melsheia

Decided to try out a hike that is about 5 minutes away from our neighborhood.

First place we came across was the scouts camp ground/cabin.

Since my granddaughter is in the scouts, she got very excited and ran over there.

She played around in the play area while i took some shots.

After we was done we went over to the guesthose/cabin.

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Melsheia Cabin

We went up to the cabin to look and luckily for us it was open.

The fireplace was lit up and they had fresh coffee and waffles waiting for us.

Very nice start on the hike.

We had some coffee and waffles and then got ready for our walk


Melsheia Hike #1

After the coffee and waffles we did the hike. 

Was not too hard, will definetely try to come out a bit more.

Several trails of the main one that would be interesting to try.

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End of Trip