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Welcome to our trip to Trollpikken !

Plan for this day is drive down to Egersund, hike up to Trollpikken and drive along the coast and stop by some lighthouses.

Planned trip for today


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Eiger√ły Lighthouse

When we arrived we had lunch in the parking area before we started the hike. The hike to the lighthouse was almost like a rolller coaster allot of up and down. Also quite a bit of variation in the terrain. Used a couple hours to get there and was worth it. 

Eiger√ły fyrstasjon
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Kvasheim Lighthouse

Here you can park right up to the lighthouse which was good as we getting a bit worn out from the two earlier hikes. Was very nice, got a lot of nice shots. Museum was closed so will have to come back again.

Kvassheim fyrstasjon
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Category: Lighthouses

Hitler's Teeth

Interesting, was quite a lot of them along the road. 

Hitler's teeth
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Category: Historic Spots

Varhaug Old Cemetery

Cute little chapel with a beautiful view of the sea. 

Varhaug Old Cemetery
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Category: Churches

On our way back we stopped by Kvess again and got a nice dinner. Was lucky enough to get it just as they was closing.

Then we drove home.

End of trip ūüôā

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