Waterfalls Trip September 7th - 9th 2019 : Day 2-Part 1

Today we drive along Åkrafjorden and then up to Odda and on our way back we will stop by Røldal.

Planned trip for today

Good morning

Got up after a decent night sleep. had some breakfast.

Took the drone out for a bit but had some issues with the gimbal, so didn’t get any good footage from the flight.

Spent some time calibrating it and then påacked everything down for the road trip.

Leaving the Campground

Not long after we started we ran into some guardians of the Åkrafjordroad.

Luckily they let us by and we got to drive to the Trolljuv bridge. 

Had a few stops along the way as you will see in the pictures.

Trolljuv Bridge

Interesting bridge, but don’t think I will be trying any jumping from it 😉

Trolljuv Bru
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Drive to Åkrafjordtunet

Åkrafjord Tunet

Stopped here to look around and get some snacks.

They have a nice variety of local products.

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Drive to Langfossen


Beautiful waterfall. Played with the drone here. Didn’t go as well as i had hoped but that was mainly due to inexperience from me. did get some decent footage. 

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Drive from Langfossen

Postvegen & Jettegrytene

Had a quick stop here, walked up to the bridge and took some pictures. Will be back to take the hike and look at the huge poy holes that are up here.

End of part one 🙂

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