Welcome to the 1st day of our 2020 Summer Trip

Plan for this day is to start our vacation and arrive up at the camping place in Sauda.

Planned trip for today


Today we started our journey up to Sauda.

Started just after lunch. Drove straight to the ferry, everything went smoothly.

Had our first stop just after we got of the ferry. Pictures below.

We got to the camping ground around 4-5 pm. Got set up and then drove into town to get supplies. 

On our way back we found a ligthouse that wasn’t on our list, stopped there and took some pictures.

Then drove back to the camping place and relaxed the rest of the evening. 

Stop 1

Set up

Arrived here before they opened and spent some time debating which spot to take as there was free choice. 

Found a spot not to far from the fjord and also close to the toilets and clean room.


Evening trip out

After we got the caravan set up we drove in to town to get supplies and on our way back we stopped by a mini lighthouse on the side.

I took some shots while the others went strawberry hunting.

Sauda Lighthouse
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End of day 1 🙂

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