Welcome to the 1st day of our Trip South

Plan for this day is drive to Flekkefjord and get set up at Egenes Camping.

Planned trip for today

Today we start on our second trip this summer. This time we head south and will be stationed outside Flekkefjord at Egenes Camping for a week. 


We was ready to leave just after 1pm and started our adventures in the south. 

All pictures of today was from my phone, didn’t take the camera out for anything today.

Egenes Camping

Egenes Camping
After we had parked and unhitched.
Egenes Camping
Got the tent set up and now we are ready to chill.
Egenes Camping
Our view from the caravan.
Egenes Camping
View of the camp ground.
Egenes Camping
Another view of the camp ground.

Arrived here around 4 pm. Found a nice place and got setup.

Evening walk

In the evening after dinner we took the dogs out for a walk along the lake. Then we chilled and recharged for the next day.

Statue by the entry of the park
Cat on the lake
View from the other side of the camp
View of the lake.

End of our 1st day 🙂

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