Muchalls Castle

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Haunt #1 - Haunting/Green LAdy
The castle is reputedly haunted by the ghost of young woman, a ‘Green Lady’, who is said to have been drowned in a cave, which formerly could be reached by a subterranean stair from the wine-cellar.

Muchalls Castle was originally a 13th century stone tower house, founded by the Frasers. The small L-shaped castle was started in 1613 by Alexander Burnett of Leys who acquired the land at Muchalls from the Frasers and, in began building a castle and in 1627 his son, Sir Thomas Burnet finished the project. It has very fine plaster ceilings and a secret staircase. A chapel was included in the original design which served the Episcopalian communities of Muchalls and Skateraw. There is supposed to be a lost underground passage leading to the smugglers’ cove at Gin Shore.


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