Tower of London

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Tower of London


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Haunt #1 - Ghost Haunting, Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn, Henry VII's second wife, was imprisoned in the King's house before her execution on Tower Green in 1536. Her headless corpse was buried under the floor of the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula. Her ghost haunts both the Chapel, the Green, the corridor of the White Tower and the King's House where she walks with her head tucked under her arm on May 19th, the anniversary of her death.
Haunt #2 - Ghost Haunting, Murdered Wife
In 1804, a waderin the Tower named Corporal Jones saw a woman in a white dress with a red pattern on it coming towards him. As she approached, he realised that what he had thought was a red pattern was in fact blood and that the woman was headless. Later enquiries brought to light that a guardsmen in 1784 had murdered his wife and cut off her head. The head was never recovered so it may be that Corporal Jones saw the ghost of the murdered wife.
Haunt #3 - Ghost Haunting, Princes in the Tower
In the Bloody Tower the two small sons of King Edward IV known as the "Princes in the Tower" are said to have been murdered in 1483 AD on the orders of their uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Since the late 15th century guards in the Tower have seen two small shadowy figures gliding down towards them.
Haunt #4 - Ghost Haunting, Catherine Howard
The fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, was convicted by Henry of adultery and sentenced to die on the block.At her execution, she ran from the executioner who pursued her, took hold of her and hacked off her head. Her cries are heard outside the room where she was kept before her execution.
Haunt #5 - Ghost Haunting, Spectral Cylinder
The keeper of the crown jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte was dining with his family in the Martin Tower when his wife screamed. He saw a strange cylinder shaped apparition come into view. It appeared to be filled with a blue bubbling liquid. When Swifte threw a chair at it, the apparition disappeared.

The Tower of London is one of the UK’s most historic castles. It’s a must-see for anyone planning a visit to London. It’s not every day you get to see the Crown Jewels, the execution site where three of England’s Queens were beheaded and suits of armor made for kings like Henry VIII and Charles I. Go at the beginning or end of the day to avoid queues to see the Crown Jewels – it’s worth it to see some of the most famous jewels and diamonds in the world. Try to spot the iconic ravens and be sure to go on a Beefeater tour where you’ll hear some of the more gruesome stories about the Tower’s history. By Clare Thomson from Suitcases and Sandcastles -


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