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From Visitnorway

Furthest north in Kvinesdal and bordering the mountains at about 550m above sea level, lays Salmeli farm. The farm's history dates back to the 1300s, perhaps even longer. Like so many other marginal farms on the outskirts of the villages, Salmeli was abandoned around 1350 in connection with the Black Death - the terrible plague disease that ravaged Europe at this time.

Salmeli is a typical upland farm where it was also good grazing for the animals. In addition, hunting and fishing were important elements in operating the farm.

In 1994 Salmeli was selected as one of 104 valuable cultural landscapes in Norway. This was the start of extensive rehabilitation in the area. Farmland and buildings taken care of. The houses used by the owners as a vacation spot.

Salmeli has a viable population of sun flowers which is the ancient medicinal plant in the list of endangered plants in Norway.

From Wikipedia:

In northern Kvinesdal, along the high plateau which sits at 550 metres (1,800 ft) above sea level, records show that the Salmeli Farm dates back at least to the year 1300. During the Black Death years of 1350 the farm became deserted, but was back as a working farm again by 1647. It is now a historic site.


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