Noltland Castle

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Noltland Castle






Haunt #1 - Fairies, Broonie
Broonie is a helpful brownie named who ensures that boats remain safe during storms.
Haunt #2 - Omen, Shuck
Forthcoming deaths at the castle ar announced by the howls of a large black dog.
Haunt #3 - Omen, Spectral Light
The castle was owned by the Balfour family. A ghostly light flickering at the castle window still shines when a birth or death occurs in the Balfour family.

Dating from the 16th century, Westray's Noltland Castle stands testament to a troubled period of Scottish history.

The name Noltland is a corruption of the Old Norse nauta-land - cattle land.

The Westray pronunciation, "nowtland", remains faithful to the original, and correct, name.


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