Malahide Castle

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Malahide Castle


Malahide Demesne


Once upon a time, castles were the heart of the village. In one seaside Dublin suburb, that’s still the case. For more than 800 years, Malahide Castle was home to the Talbot family. That long, sometimes brutal, history is illustrated in guided tours that show the castle as it was during the last Baron Talbot’s lifetime, right down to his military uniform, laid out as if he would be getting dressed at any moment. malahide castle dublinIn 1975, his wife sold the demesne to the Irish State. Since then, the vast grounds have been the community’s playground, with football fields, walking paths, a cricket pitch, and even a golf course. Along with the castle, the Lord Baron’s beloved gardens, greenhouses, and conservatory – the Malahide Botanical Gardens – are not to be missed. Being just 20 minutes from central Dublin, Malahide is as vital today as it’s ever been. By Rob and Ann from TravelLatte -


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