Hoia Baciu Forest

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Hoia Baciu Forest
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Hoia Baciu Forest


Along with asylums, what writing this list is teaching me is that forests are also full of "HELL no." If you thought Aokigahara up above was bad, the stories that surround Transylvania's Hoia Baciu Forest make it look normal by comparison - but what else would you expect of a forest that has Vlad Dracula's history stamped all over it? Because Hoia Baciu doesn't just have a few kinds of creepy, unexplained supernatural phenomena attached to it - it has all of the supernatural phenomena. People who enter the forest regularly complain of severe headaches, anxiety, sudden nausea, and, in some cases, mysterious burns and scratches appearing on their bodies. The forest itself is just as strange and unexplained, with sections where trees grow in strange, unnatural shapes, and other areas where the forest is dead and nothing grows or moves at all. But that's not where the terrifying weirdness stops: Along with the already strange physical reactions and strange trees, the forest is rife is reported UFO sightings, with people often claiming they see lights floating through the trees. Reports have also been made of visitors to the forest experiencing that hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-standing-up feeling of being watched by unseen eyes, along with mysterious giggling and crying. But when hikers trace the sound to their location, they find...nothing. Oh, and people regularly vanish, never to be found again. Scientists claim there's a logical, scientific explanation for the phenomena, but locals steer clear of the forest, claiming it as an evil, cursed place. Me, personally? I'm betting on the locals.


Hoia Baciu Forest


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