Hluboka Castle

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Hluboka Castle


Hluboká Castle


Hluboka Castle is probably one of the most fascinating castles in the Czech Republic. The white marble walls create the perfect picture scene both during the day and at night when it gets illuminated. If you like waking up early in the morning, you might witness the ascension of hot air balloons on the background, fully enhancing the fairytale feel. This Renaissance castle with Baroque elements is big in itself, but it is also surrounded by a vast garden with flowers and fountains that will make for a great picnic spot as well. Besides taking a tour inside the castle, you can stop for lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the chateau which is a 4-minute walk from Hluboka Castle. Hluboka Castle is situated in the South Bohemia region, only 10 km away from Ceske Budejovice, the region’s capital. By Lena Tarasyuk from Travel Monkey Blog - https://www.travel-monkey.com/fairy-tale-castles-in-czech-republic/


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