Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle





Haunt #1 - Ghost Haunting, James Graham
James Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee or Bonnie Dundee as he was known, was the Jacobite commander of the forces at the Battle of Killiecrankie on the 27th July168, where he was mortally wounded. The Viscount was seen on the same day by Lord Balcarres in Edinburgh Castle. Lord Balcarres later discovered that the Viscount had died at Killiecrankie around the time of the sighting.

Think Edinburgh, think Edinburgh Castle. This dramatic fortress perched high on a volcanic rock is for some the cherry on a very delicious cake. Every year a staggering 2 million visitors pass through its fortified gates. The castle’s esplanade transforms into one of the most dramatic concert venues in the UK playing host to artists such as Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, and the world-famous Military Tattoo. So, what is all the fuss about? Well to start with, historically it’s the most important stronghold in Scotland, a Royal castle has been present here since the 12th century. The oldest remaining parts of the castle are the 12th century St Margaret’s Chapel, the 16th Century great hall and Royal Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son. Highlights include the Stone of Destiny (a sacred object used for the coronation of Kings), the 15th Century Scottish crown jewels, Mons Meg and the Great Hall. The castle is in the very center of Edinburgh with easy access from the Royal Mile. Historic Scotland and the army are responsible for maintaining and managing the castle. We strongly recommend that you buy your tickets ahead on the official website and add this special site to your Edinburgh bucket list! By Gillian Denovan from Scotland Bucket List - https://scotlandbucketlist.com/visit-edinburgh-castle-top-tips/


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