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At the foot of the Swiss Alps, in Northern Italy once rested the ancient village of Consonno. Residents had survived here by growing and harvesting leeks, celery, and especially chestnuts from the bountiful trees which grew on the mountain slope. The labor was difficult but fulfilling for the residents – there were around 300 people living here at the beginning of the 20th century. There was one small catch for those that lived and worked at Consonno, however. The land and surrounding forests were wholly owed by the Real Estate Consonno Brianza company, operated by the Verga and Anghileri families. Once the population declined to about 60 in the 1960s, this ownership would change the fates of Consonno’s residents, as well as the entire town. After a few landslides and one final one in 1976, it was the death knell for the City of Toys, as it completely wiped out the main access road. Count Bagno tried to revive Consonno once again in the 1980s by planning a nursing home, but it never fully materialized. The resort has sat abandoned since 1976, and suffered heavy vandalism from massive illegal rave parties in recent years. The area is still private property, with exception to the old town cemetery.


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