Cittadella of Gozo

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Cittadella of Gozo

A visit to Gozo is a must do when visiting Malta and the Cittadella in Victoria is one of the most popular attractions. Perched high above the city, it has been at the center of activity on the island since Neolithic times and was fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC. It was later developed by the Phoenicians and in Roman times it became a complex Acropolis. As Malta has been invaded and occupied by many countries through the centuries the Cittadella has served as a fortress and a garrison and has been the source of refuge for many. Today, the Cittadella – also known as the Castello, contains a number of churches and historic buildings, including the magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption, which was built between 1697 and 1711. The Cittadella has been included on Malta’s preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998. Having undergone a massive 5-year restoration process we were very impressed to discover what is effectively a small ancient town in perfect condition and were stunned by the beauty and workmanship that has been involved in creating her. By Sandy from Tray Tables Away -


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