Uvdal Stave Church

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Uvdal Stave Church


Uvdal Stave Church
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Uvdal Stave Church today appears as a cross- church in stonework (standing timber), and was originally built as a single-vessel stave church ( mid-mast type ), in Uvdal in Nore and Uvdal municipality in Buskerud . The later extensions and additions have been made in the same technique as the original stave church, and have largely only moved on and reused the medieval materials.

It is common to date the stave church until the end of the 12th century . The timber in the construction is dated to 1168, and the church must have been built right after this, as it seems that the timber was not really dry when the church was erected. The church today also has a medieval appearance in the building, with strong elements of renaissance and rococo in the interior.

The building has approx. 170 seats.

The church is located upstairs in Kirkebygda at the old manse Opdal (today 'Prestegarden "), where two buildings (a loft with medieval core and a living room that served as a school for" Church Settlement "from the 1800s to 1968) stands as part of the Nore and Uvdal Bygdetun . Uvdal Stave Church was formerly also called "Uppdals K. in Numdal" or "Opdal's Church".


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