Kromeriz Castle

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Kromeriz Castle


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While it’s Prague that gets most of the attention in the Czech Republic, the whole country is full of beautiful historic castles. One of the most important – and a World Heritage Site – is Kroměříž Castle. The first residence was built in 1497 and then rebuilt at the end of the 1600s after the Swedish army had ransacked it. At this time, it was home to the politically-powerful bishops of Olomouc.

Today you can only visit the interior of Kroměříž Castle on a guided tour. What is so incredible is not just the building, but the treasures inside. And it goes well beyond the ornate furniture and grand decorations.

The library has tens of thousands of books, with manuscripts from composers like Mozart and Beethoven. And the artworks that are kept here are considered the second-best collection in the country. The gardens that are attached to the castle are also beautiful and one of the other main reasons it was added to the World Heritage List.

By Michael Turtle from Time Travel Turtle - https://www.timetravelturtle.com/kromeriz-castle-gardens-czech-republic/


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