Castel del Monte

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Castel del Monte


Strada Statale 170


The medieval Castel del Monte is located on a hill overlooking the northern Puglian landscape of olive groves and rugged stone terraces. It’s a curious structure – some have even implied it’s not a castle at all due to its lack of a moat or drawbridge – that inspires the imagination, but that does look somewhat out of place in its surroundings. Despite its unknown original purpose, the castle draws in visitors with its unique charm. Built in an octagonal shape, the original design drew on many different cultures for inspiration – many of which are evident as you explore the site. Today, you can walk around the site for free, marvel at the vast views and relax on the lawn for a picnic. But to venture inside you’ll have to pay a small fee for the privilege. By Nadine Maffre from Le Long Weekend -


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