Trip to Farsund/Lista Part 1

March 18th 2019

Drive to Farsund

Here are some shots taken from a work trip down to Farsund/Lista.

Started driving down on Monday morning. Is about 2 1/2 hours drive, so arrival was expected to be just before lunch time. 

After work i planned on getting some food in Farsund and then drive out to Nordberg Fort and then down to Lista Lighthose around sunset.

Some shots taken while driving south.

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After work, I drove down to Farsund downtown.

Had a walk around there and stopped at Lille Farsund Pizza & Kebab.

Enjoyed a massive kebab in a roll, reminded me of the monster burritos i used to get in Houston.

After that i drove towards Nordberg fort.


Shots from Farsund

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Nordberg Fort

Nordberg fort is quite large, got to see most of what they have outside.

All of the buildings was closed so didn't get to see anything there. 

You can see the lighthouse from the top. 


Shots from Nordberg Fort

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Lista Lighthouse


Was hoping to be there before sunset but spent a bit too much time at Nordberg fort but still got some decent shots. 

Stayed here until the sun went down, then drove back to the hotel.

Lista fyrstasjon
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 Shots from Lista Fyr

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End of part 1