Two Guns

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Two Guns
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Canyon Diablo




The desert stretch of I-40 between Holbrook and Flagstaff features several exits that aren't towns, just old Route 66 gas stations.

One of them is Two Guns, a now-abandoned wild west theme park, with a grafitti ravaged entrance sign and faded western characters still visible on an old storage tank. What's unique about Two Guns is that its ruins are built atop the ruins of an older, equally ill-fated place named Canyon Diablo, a genuine Wild West ghost town. Canyon Diablo's great claim to fame was that its residents once dug up a dead gunslinger, gave him a shot of whisky, then posed for pictures with the corpse.

 All that remains of Two Guns/Canyon Diablo is a sign reading "Mountain Lions" (its most prominent feature), some crumbling stone buildings, a set of gas pumps that appear to have exploded, and the ruins of the Route 66 concrete arch bridge over the canyon (It's too dangerous to walk over; please don't try).


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