Torpo Stave Church

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Torpo Stave Church


Torpo Stave Church
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Torpo Stave Church is a stave church of the Borgund type , with raised center space. It stands at Torpo in Ål municipality in Buskerud . In 1880 a new church was built in a hoist structure with table cloth just north of the stave church according to drawings by architect F. von der Lippe . Lorentz Dietrichson classified the building as a three-ship stave church by the multifaceted group. He originally listed six columns on each long side and two on each of the short sides, a total of 16 columns, all with the same spacing. [1] The columns form a center room with raised ceilings and four side rooms (laps) with lower desk ceilings .[2] Bugge and Mezzanotte place Torpo Stave Church (together with Heddal Stave Church ) as the link or transitional form between the "Borgund group" and "the merchant group" because they have features of both.


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