Thirlestane Castle

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Thirlestane Castle By Kevin Rae, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=505220


Thirlestane Castle


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Early May-early Oct, Tue, Wed, Thu & Sun, 10.00-15.00; grounds open until 17.00; other times parties by arrangement. Cafe and shop. Border Country Life Museum. Woodland walk. Adventure playground. Venue for weddings and events, plays and vintage car rally. Self-catering apartment (Lauderdale Apartment).
Tel: 01578 722430 Web: www.thirlestanecastle.co.uk

Caravan Park: thirlestanecastlepark.co.uk


Haunt #1 - Ghost
Maitland's ghost is said to haunt a chamber in Thirlestane, as well as St Mary’s Kirk in Haddington, where he is buried, his tomb marked by an elaborate carved memorial. For some time it was thought that supernatural manifestations were responsible for the coffins moving around in the burial vault beneath the tomb, but it was later found that the room flooded and the waters of the Tyne were the real culprit.

Thirlestane Castle, a fabulous old castle and mansion with many sumptuous chambers to explore, a cafe, shop and woodland walk, long held by the powerful Maitlands of Lauderdale, and in a lovely spot near Lauder in the Borders in southern Scotland.


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