Wemyss Castle

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Wemyss Castle




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Gardens may be visited by prior appointment only, May-Jul, Mon-Fri only, 9.30-18.00; castle not open.
Web: wemysscastlegardens.com


Haunt #1 - Ghost Haunting/Green Jean
My Memories and Miscellanies. By the Countess of Munster. 2nd Edition. 1904, pp. 159-164. - "the ghost" of Wemyss Castle was always styled "Green Jean," and was supposed to appear in the form of a beautiful, tall, slim lady, clad in a long gown of green that "swished" very much as she walked, or rather, glided, by. No one seemed to know her history, or, at all events, it was a subject which was to be avoided.
Haunt #2 - Omen/Potent of Death
My Memories and Miscellanies. By the Countess of Munster. 2nd Edition. 1904, pp. 164-5. - "a warning to the owner of Wemyss Castle of his early approaching death a piece of masonry always falls!"

Wemyss Castle originally consisted of a 15th-century rectangular tower and a large irregularly shaped courtyard, with a round tower at one corner, which may date from the 13th century or earlier. Ranges of buildings were built within the courtyard in the 16th century, and in about 1699 a large L-plan block was also added. The castle was extended again, and the courtyard was finally filled in during the 19th century. Most of the Victorian additions were demolished in the 1930s, and the castle was restored back to something like its original appearance.


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