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Vidfoss is one of five major, well known waterfalls found in Oddadalen along Route 13. Fed by about a dozen lakes and some small glacial remnants of the retreating Folgefonna Icefield, Vidfoss crashes down the side of Oddadalen in two large, bombastic steps. The upper tier consists of a narrow chute-like cascade which is difficult to see at all from the floor of the valley, dropping just over 360 feet. After a short pause, the stream pitches into a free-fall and slams onto diagonally stratified bedrock, spreading the water out into dozens of channels which cascade over a series of angled joints before tumbling through a small alluvial fan and entering the Storelva on the valley floor, dropping 614 feet, bringing the total height of the falls to just over 1,000 feet in all. Below the falls lies farmland, in which sheep can often be seen grazing in the grass, seemingly unaware of the powerful waterfall just behind them.



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(Updated: September 25, 2019)
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Stopped by here on our road trip on September 8th 2019. Beautiful. Sadly we didn't find any stop place hopefully next time we will and get some pictures.
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