Statue of Buddy Holly

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Statue of Buddy Holly


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Lubbock is jam-packed with stops along the Buddy Holly Trail.

There is the 8 .5-foot-tall bronze statue of the rock 'n roll legend playing his Fender Stratocaster guitar, created in 1980 by sculptor Grant Speed, circled by a Walk of Fame honoring other West Texas musicians such as Waylon Jennings and Mac Davis.

His 1957 home at 1305 37th St.is still up and his birthplace at 1911 6th St., now an empty lot, is flagged with a "Buddy Holly Historical Marker." Buddy died in a 1959 plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa after performing in that town's Surf Ballroom. He's buried in Texas here, in Lubbock cemetery.

Across the street from the statue, at the Buddy Holly Museum, visitors will find plenty about the career of Holly -- including his personal record collection and his 1955 bedroom furniture, which was kept by his parents until the 1990s. Outside the museum, a sculpture of giant Holly-esque glasses is a popular photo opportunity. And the childhood home of Holly's best friend was moved to the property in 2012; it was where Holly wrote his first hit, "That'll Be the Day," after watching a movie in which John Wayne said the line several times.



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