Flying Paper Boy of the Guadalupes

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Flying Paper Boy of the Guadalupes





On the monument's base, a weathered brass plate tells all we know about Kindel:

In Memoriam Frank A. Kindel
The Flying Paper Boy Of The Guadalupes
October 30, 1892 - May 31, 1964

Whatever propelled Frank A Kindel through life left an undiminishing wake.

Whether riding his unicycle in a parade, greeting and entertaining visitors to his community or dropping newspapers from his Piper Cruiser to ranchers and hunters in these Guadalupe Mountains he lived a life of service dedicated to his family, his community and his fellow man.

On his last day in life, he flew the Rev. Willis E. Plapp to this site to conduct sunrise services for members of the Pecos Valley Trail Ride.

The services were the last for Frank. He flew across the great divide into eternity when his plane crashed near this spot in the Lincoln National Forest.


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