Photo Usage

If you would like to use our photos, please observe these common courtesy guidelines that are part of the intellectual property laws and Fair Use Doctrine.

1) To use any of our photos from Places2Explore to accompany an online article/blog or to share on a social media platform, the following conditions are mandatory:

  • Please credit the photo, either in a caption or somewhere in the body of the piece, as courtesy, linked back to our website.

2) To use any of our photos from Places2Explore for print or broadcast purposes, Contact Us for licensing. We can provide high resolution photos for no financial compensation.

3) To use any of our photos from Places2Explore for commercial use, Contact Us for consent and licensing.

4) Do not remove our watermarks without our email consent. If your purposes require non-watermarked photos, Contact Us so we can provide those to you.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos featured on were taken/created by the founders of this site. Failure to follow these guidelines is a violation of copyright law.

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