The Empty Cross, The Coming of the King

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The Empty Cross, The Coming of the King


478 Benson Dr.


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Open from Dusk til Dawn

ABOUT THE GARDEN: The 24.5 acre art park is the only place in the world where the 77’7” contemporary sculpture called “The Empty Cross” can be seen.  It is the “Most Symbolic Cross Sculpture in the World”.  In addition, seven other monumental sculptures can also be viewed at this location. It is also the only place where all of Greiner’s monumental sculptures are on display. A “Path To Heaven” uses 77 Bible verses, in multiple languages, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The free garden is open from 7:00 AM until midnight, 365 days a year. Tax deductable donations are welcomed, since the non-profit project is being built on faith in God, without debt.



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Stopped by here on November 18th 2017, was a lot more than expected. Came to look at a cross and there was a whole park to look at.
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