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CA 190


Vehicle Entrance Fee •$25 for 7 Days
Motorcycle Entrance Fee•$20 for 7 Days
Individual Entrance Fee•$12 for 7 Days
Death Valley Annual Pass •$50 for one year
Other Info
Location: 40 minutes (25mi / 40km) from Furnace Creek. From Furnace Creek, take CA-190 east to Furnace Creek Wash Rd, then turn right and follow the paved route up to the viewpoint. 25 ft length limit. No restroom at the viewpoint but a primitive restroom is along the road 1/4 mile below the view.

At 5,475 ft (1,669 m), the most breathtaking viewpoint in the park. Facing west, the view of the Panamint Mountains towering over the lowest point (-282ft / 86m) in North America (Badwater Basin) offers one of the best sunrises in the park. The barely visible mountains on the far western horizon are the Sierra Nevadas, home to the highest point (14,505ft / 4,421m) in the contiguous United States - Mount Whitney, however the peak itself isn't quite visible.


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