Monzie Castle

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Monzie Castle

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Entry fee £7, Children £1.
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Open mid May-mid Jun, daily 14.00-16.00.
Holiday accommodation.
Tel: 01764 654877


Haunt #1 - Witch of Monzie
Kate was reputedly a nurse at Monzie Castle, which lies a couple of miles north and east of Crieff, also in Perthshire, and she attained a reputation as a witch, who – among other things – could turn herself into a bee. Kate was seized, taken up a hill known as the Knock of Crieff to the north of the town, and was then rolled down the steep slope in a barrel. The slope down which was pushed is now called Kate McNiven’s Craig. She was then burnt at a place near an ancient five-foot standing stone (now known as Kate MacNiven’s Stone), which is located to the south of the drive to that goes to Monzie Castle.

Monzie Castle (the ‘z’ is not pronounced) is a small early 17th-century L-plan tower house of two storeys and an attic, to which has been added a large castellated mansion of three storeys in the late 18th century. The roof is steeply pitched, and the walls are pierced by shot-holes. The tower is dated 1634, although it may incorporate work from the 16th century or earlier. The mansion has round towers at the corners and a battlement crowns the walls.


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