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Locals have always known about the Himakånå rock formation, sometimes called ‘Little Trolltunga.’ Even though it’s a relatively modest 357 meters above sea level, all doubts about its impressiveness vanish when you reach it.  Tucked away in a corner of Tysvær township, is a special landscape. Oak, beech and birch all flourish in favorable microclimate and rich soil of the mountain. The name, Himakånå, brings to mind a love left at home and taken for granted. The rock formation was always there, but for generations no one gave Himakånå a second thought. Fortunately, the story didn’t end there. During the summers of 2016 and 2017, the number of visitors rose as steeply as the path leading to this lofty mountain overhang, which sticks out into thin air. It is much smaller than Trolltunga, and only the brave dangle their feet over the edge. Be careful!


Himakånå is much more modest than Trolltunga, which can be an advantage. The trek is faster, more accessible, and family friendly. The trail runs through mountain pastures, small forests and fields. From the top, Himakånå offers panoramic views of Lysevatnet lake, Nedstrandsfjord and the farms surrounded by lush forests.


Fjord Norway


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