Aokigahara Forest

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Aokigahara Forest
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Suicide Forest.


Aokigahara Forest



All you need to know about Aokigahara Forest, near the base of Mt. Fuji, is that it's also known as "Suicide Forest." This isn't a random nickname either - Aokigahara is the second most popular place in the entire world for people to commit suicide (the first being the Golden Gate Bridge). In fact, the suicide rate is so high that officials have placed signs in both Japanese and English urging visitors to reconsider their actions if they are feeling suicidal, and squads sweep the forest once a year to search for bodies. And while that's horrifying enough, the truly creepy part is the forest itself, which is eerily silent thanks to the density of the trees and strange absence of wildlife. Hikers have been often known to get lost, even when marking their route with tape. On top of that, many blame the suicides and lost hikers on demons, which locals say haunt the forest, along with the angry spirits of those who were left to die by the ancient and barbaric practice of ubasute, which was practiced in Aokigahara as recently as the 19th century.


Aokigahara Forest


Suicide Forest in Japan


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