St Georges Church

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St Georges Church
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The Church of Ghosts




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The ghost church is not open for visitors, you can look in from the outside. If you are lucky, the caretaker may be on site, and if you ask him, he may let you in to take a look.

A 'cursed' church has been saved from closure thanks to a spooky art installation featuring dozens of creepy ghosts. St George's church in the Czech village of Lukova was left to rot after part of the roof collapsed during a funeral service in 1968. Believing this to be a sign of bad luck, locals abandoned the medieval church and it was left to deteriorate for more than 30 years. However local artist, Jakub Hadrava, is now managing to draw in visitors from all over the world with a spooky art installation featuring dozens of ghosts. White ghostly figures dressed in robes now fill the pews and the aisle of the church and they are attracting hundreds of tourists who are donating their cash to keep the church open. The strange phantoms are made using plaster and eerie lighting which make the unearthly installation look even creepier at night. Art student, Jakub said: 'I wanted to install the sculptures on the benches to remind people the church had a history and a past.'


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