Warwick Castle

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Warwick Castle





Haunt #1 - Legend, Shuck
After being caught stealing from her customers, an old servant at the castle was dismissed. In revenge, she bewitched the castle, after which a shuck (supernatural large black dog) appeared and created havoc. The creature was defeated by quotes from the bible read aloud by a local holy man.
Haunt #2 - Omen, The Dun Cow
The phantom 'Dun Cow of Warwick' appears at the castle a few weeks before a death in the family.

Castles are generally foreboding hunks of stone with a gruesome history attached to them. And while I’m all about the history, sometimes a break from routine can work wonders on the way you look at something. Exhibit A: Warwick Castle. Situated at a bend along the Avon river, Warwick Castle has been fought over ever since construction began in 1068. After changing hands for seven centuries, it was converted into a country house. The Tussauds group bought the castle exactly four decades ago and have since converted parts of the castle into play areas where children go happily while the adults inspect the castle’s history over the centuries. It might be a kitschy castle for some but there’s a way of enjoying Warwick if you can look past the obvious tropes created by its parent company. There are lifelike statues of prominent members of the castle (because Madam Tussauds!) as well as a collection of arms and swords impressively arranged in the former great dining hall. Finally, I encourage you to climb the ramparts to inspect the castle grounds, Avon and breathe in centuries of history from the top of the castle. By Priyanko Sarkar from Constant Traveller - https://www.constanttraveller.com/


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