Lenzburg Castle

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Lenzburg Castle




The castle of Lenzburg, located in the “Kanton” (like a state) of Aargau in Switzerland, is special due to its location on top of a hill, which rises up over 100 meters. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 11th century and is a heritage site of national significance. Since the castle went into the hands of the state in the 60’s, it was renovated and re-opened as a museum later, which it still is today.

The castle of Lenzburg is also a perfect day trip from almost every major city in Switzerland, but especially when visiting Berne, Lucerne or Zurich. Together with the nearby castle of Hallwyl, it’s certainly a good choice for everybody that loves castles.

By Michael Gerber from mscgerber.com - https://www.mscgerber.com/visit-lucerne-in-winter/


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