Castel dell’Ovo

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Castel dell’Ovo


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Castel dell’Ovo is probably one of the most beautiful castles in Naples, Italy. It lays on a tiny island named Megaris, tied to the mainland by a charming stone bridge. This place is possibly the most romantic spot in Naples at night: many couples come here to swear eternal love! At its feet, there is a tiny fishermen’s village named Borgo Marinari.

The castle name, translated to English, means “Egg Castle”. The reason behind it is an ancient legend about the poet Virgil. Everyone believed him to be a powerful sorcerer. He thus said that he’d put a magical egg into the Castel dell’Ovo foundations to protect the city.

Should the egg ever break, the castle and the whole city would fall into ruin: people were terrified every time a war or an earthquake happened! Neapolitans, after all, are still very much superstitious!

Castel dell’Ovo is yet another one of the many things you can visit in Naples for free. The view from the cannons terrace is absolutely spectacular!

By Danila Caputo from TravellingDany.com - https://www.travellingdany.com/things-to-do-in-naples-italy/


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