Cardiff Castle

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Cardiff Castle


Castle St



Haunt #1 - Legend, Giant
A three metre tall giant walks the castle park
Haunt #2 - Omen, Sound of a coach
A horse drawn coach is heard when a member of the Hastings family is about to die at the castle. It was last heard by John Boyle, the night his cousin the Marquis of Hastings died.
Haunt #3 - Poltergeist, Poltergeist
The dining-hall of the castle is disturbed by a poltergeist each night. At 3:45am heavy doors open and shut by themselves and lights flash on and off.

Cardiff Castle is special because it’s a mixture of Roman fort, bona fide medieval castle and extravagant Gothic fantasy all rolled into one. It dominates Cardiff city center and is one of the first places many visitors to Wales see. The 12th century keep tower gives a great view over the city, and the 19th-century outer walls hide tunnels which doubled as bomb shelters during World War II. However, the most memorable part of Cardiff Castle is the 19th-century west wing, an ornate riot of decorated rooms and apartments built by the Third Marquess of Bute. He made his fortune from the nearby South Wales coalfields, and indulged his fantasies here and at fairytale Castell Coch, on the outskirts of the city. Bute Park, next door to the Castle, is a beautiful place for a walk with great views of the Castle exterior. By David Angel from Travel With Little One -


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