2018 Spring Road Trip

This is logs of our road trip in the spring of 2018. Travelled from Houston on March 29th to Las Vegas and then start our trip to Area 51, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Route 66.

Plan for today is to fly to Las Vegas, pick up rental car and drive towards Death Valley Junction with a few stops along the way. 

Plan for today is to check out the Amagorsa Cafe and Opera House, then drive down to Death Valley, then drive past Rhyolite, Goldfield and end up in Tonopah.

Plan for today is to drive down the extraterrestial highway and end up back in Las Vegas. 

Plan for today is to get on to Route 66, drive down to Kingman AZ with a detour to Oatman.

Plan for today is to cruise along Route 66 up to Williams, Arizona.

Plan for today is to visit the Grand Canyon.

Plan for today is to travel along the north side of the Grand Canyon towards Las Vegas.

Plan for today is to travel back to Las Vegas and end this awesome vacation.



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